Mapp Gas

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Mapp Gas, the high-performance fuel for HVAC applications, is now available. This one-of-a-kind gas blend provides high heat production and versatility for a wide range of HVAC heating, soldering, and brazing activities. Mapp Gas is made up of Methylacetylene and Propadiene, and it has a greater flame temperature than regular propane gas. Because of the higher heat output, HVAC components may be heated, soldered, and brazed more quickly and efficiently. Mapp Gas guarantees accurate and dependable outcomes in HVAC applications due to its precise control and steady flame. It enables clean, precise soldering joints, resulting in robust, long-lasting connections for pipes, fittings, and other HVAC equipment. Mapp Gas’ versatility makes it suited for a wide range of HVAC activities, including copper pipe soldering, HVAC coil brazing, and heat treatment applications. Its exceptional performance makes it a favourite among HVAC professionals looking for dependable and effective outcomes.


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