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Refrigerant Gases - R22, R32, R410a & others

R32 Refrigerant Gas Supplier
R32 Gas
With a lower GWP, R32 refrigerant is an environmentally friendly choice for cooling systems.
R22 refrigerant gas
R22 Gas
R22 refrigerant is well-known for its efficient cooling properties, which make it suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
R410 Refrigerant Gas Supplier
R410A Gas
When used in cooling systems, R410A is non-toxic, ensuring the safety of occupants and service personnel.
Product Description

Refrigerants are necessary for heat pumps and refrigeration systems because they facilitate heat transfer via phase transitions from liquid to gas. Learn about our Excelair brand of high-quality refrigerants, which provide efficient cooling and refrigeration solutions for your needs.

Product Specification
  • Product: Refrigerant Gases
  • Refrigerant Ranges: R22, R32 , R410A,R407c,R404a
  • Refrigerant Can: 450g to 650g
  • Disposal Cylinder: 10.9Kg / 11.3Kg / 13.6Kg
  • Purity: 99.9%

Refrigerant gases play a vital role in a wide range of cooling and refrigeration applications. Our product offerings include a selection of popular refrigerant ranges, such as R22, R32, R410a, R407c, R404a catering to various cooling needs. These refrigerants are available in can sizes ranging from 450g to 650g, making them suitable for both small and medium-sized systems. Additionally, disposal cylinders are offered in sizes of 10.9Kg, 11.3Kg, and 13.6Kg to accommodate larger-scale applications. Our refrigerant gases are known for their high purity, with a typical rating of 99.9%, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in your cooling systems.


To maintain product quality, store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources, direct sunlight, and rain.

Upgrade your cooling system right now! Investigate our high-purity refrigerant gases and contact us for better cooling solutions.

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