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GI Duct Accessories

GI Duct Accessories for HVAC Systems

GI Ducts
GI Ducts: Galvanized Iron ducts are the backbone of HVAC systems, distributing conditioned air throughout facilities. These long-lasting and corrosion-resistant ducts ensure efficient airflow to preserve optimal indoor comfort.
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GI Duct Elbows
GI Duct Elbows: GI duct elbows change the airflow direction within the ductwork, allowing smooth transitions around corners and bends.
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GI Duct Reducers
GI Duct Reducers: GI duct reducers transition from one duct size to another, ensuring proper airflow and compatibility between different duct sections.
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GI Duct Dampers
GI Duct Dampers: GI duct dampers control and regulate airflow, helping balance the HVAC system for optimal performance and energy efficiency.
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GI Duct Flanges
GI Duct Flanges: GI duct flanges securely attach duct sections, ensuring airtight and reliable connections for efficient airflow.
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GI Duct T-Pieces
GI Duct T-Pieces: GI duct T-pieces allow branching off airflow into different directions, providing flexibility in the duct layout and improving air distribution.
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GI Duct Access Doors
GI Duct Access Doors: GI duct access doors enable easy inspection and maintenance of the ductwork, ensuring proper design implementation and accessibility.
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GI Duct Hangers
GI Duct Hangers: GI duct hangers securely suspend the ductwork from the ceiling or walls, providing a stable and reliable installation.
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GI Duct Grilles and Registers
GI Duct Grilles and Registers: GI duct grilles and registers are endpoints for airflow, providing air distribution and diffusion into the occupied spaces for comfortable ventilation.
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GI Duct Diffusers
GI Duct Diffusers: GI duct diffusers evenly distribute conditioned air into the room, minimizing noise and drafts for enhanced comfort and indoor air quality.
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GI Duct Flexible Connectors
GI Duct Flexible Connectors: GI duct flexible connectors absorb vibrations and movements in the ductwork, ensuring a stable system and reducing pressure on duct connections.
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GI Duct Turning Vanes
GI Duct Turning Vanes: GI duct turning vanes improve airflow direction changes and reduce turbulence within the ducts for optimized performance and energy efficiency.
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GI Duct Access Panels
GI Duct Access Panels: GI duct access panels allow convenient access to specific sections of the ductwork for inspection and maintenance purposes, ensuring system reliability and ease of servicing.
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GI Duct Fire Dampers
GI Duct Fire Dampers: GI duct fire dampers prevent the spread of fire through the ductwork, providing added safety in case of a fire event and helping to protect occupants and property.
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GI Duct Smoke Dampers
GI Duct Smoke Dampers: GI duct smoke dampers are designed to prevent the spread of smoke in the duct system during a fire event, enhancing safety and helping occupants evacuate safely.
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Material Information

Material: Galvanized Steel Coil (GI)

Base Metal: Cold Rolled Steel

Zinc Coating

  • Standard: Z275 (275 g/m²)
  • Other Available: Z60, Z180, Z350, Z450 (Specify coating thickness needed)

Surface Finish

  • Standard: Spangled
  • Other Available: Matt, Galvalume


Thickness: 0.3mm - 2.0mm (Specify thickness needed)

Width: 914mm - 1250mm (Specify width needed)

Coil Weight: 5 - 10 tons (Approximate)


  • Roofing
  • Cladding
  • Ducting
  • Appliances
  • Building components
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Automotive parts
  • And many more

Additional Information

  • GI coils offer excellent corrosion resistance due to the zinc coating.
  • They are lightweight and strong, making them ideal for various applications.
  • GI coils are easy to fabricate and install.
  • They are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
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