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ExcelAir ElelctroMechanical WLL

Anti-Bacterial Duct Sealant 32-17-0

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Excelair Duct Sealant

Your solution for airtight and watertight HVAC duct seals

Product Description:

Excel-Air 32-17-0 is a single-component, premium-quality, plastic-elastic sealant formulated from an acrylic emulsion. It boasts minimal odor and non-corrosive properties, making it safe for use with metals. Upon application, the product undergoes a curing process, transforming into a resilient rubber seal as water evaporates from the sealant. Excel-Air 32-17-0's acrylic composition offers excellent protection against air and moisture infiltration through cracks and joints, delivering enduring and reliable sealing performance for diverse applications.

Typical Uses:

  • Joints in the building industry serve critical functions in both interior and exterior applications.
  • They connect various materials, ensuring structural integrity, insulation, and weatherproofing.
  • Common joints include:
    • Connections between wood and metal window frames, which must be sealed for weather protection.
    • Air conditioning system joints that are essential for maintaining airtight ducts and indoor air quality.
    • Joints between stairs and walls that should be carefully sealed to prevent moisture penetration.
    • Connections between concrete and ceiling elements that require sealing to prevent water ingress and enhance aesthetics.
    • Wall-to-ceiling joints and skirting board joints that improve both visual appeal and protection for walls and floors.
    • Joints between window sills and aerated concrete, crucial for preventing water seepage and maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Choosing the appropriate sealants and adhesives is essential, considering factors such as weather resistance and durability.
  • Proper preparation and application techniques are vital to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of each joint.

Application Instruction:

For optimal performance with Excel-Air 32-17-0, it's essential to begin with thorough surface preparation. The application surface should be clean, dry, and entirely free from contaminants like dust, rust, or grease. When applying the sealant, cutting the nozzle at an angle and utilizing a hand or operated cartridge gun ensures precise control. Immediately after application, use a suitable tool to evenly spread the sealant across all surfaces, making certain it thoroughly covers cracks and joints. This meticulous approach not only enhances the sealant's effectiveness but also results in a professional and smooth finish, contributing to its long-lasting performance.

Seal the future of your HVAC system with Excel-Air 32-17-0 Experience ultimate protection and performance today!

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