Pre-Insulated PIR Smart Panel (Brand: Alpha)

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Introducing our PIR Pre-insulated Duct Panels—the ideal choice for HVAC duct systems that are both effective and environmentally beneficial. These panels offer remarkable energy-saving capacities and environmental friendliness because they are made of Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulating foam and aluminium foil on both sides. Consider upgrading your ducting to enjoy great performance, lightweight design, and a quick installation procedure.

Comparing our pre-insulated HVAC duct panels to conventional galvanised iron ductwork, ours is intended for maximum performance. They offer a strong, long-lasting system that outperforms rivals with a single-fix installation procedure. Global acceptance of this creative solution has made it the go-to option for numerous projects and applications.
Customization is essential, so we provide a variety of facing alternatives to meet your requirements. For our panels to perfectly fit your project’s specifications, choose from an 80-micron aluminium foil, a 200-micron aluminium sheet, or a pre-painted galvanised iron (GI) sheet.

Our PIR Pre-insulated Duct Panels are designed for sustainability and energy efficiency. PIR insulation foam effectively reduces heat absorption or loss, which results in significant energy savings. These panels’ lightweight design makes them simple to handle and move, easing installation without sacrificing toughness.

Our top-quality PIR Pre-insulated Duct Panels will help you upgrade your HVAC duct system. Experience the advantages of durability, simplicity, and energy efficiency. Join the rising number of happy customers choosing our panels for their outstanding performance and environmentally friendly design worldwide. Give your consumers a succinct, original product description that highlights the excellent qualities of our PIR Pre-insulated Duct Panels so they can make an educated choice for your e-commerce website.

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20 mm x 4m x 1.2 m


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