Calculate Required Airflow for Desired Air Exchange Rate 😎

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Room Volume is the total space within the room, measured in cubic feet. It determines the amount of air that needs to be exchanged to maintain indoor air quality.

Air Exchange Rate per Hour is the number of times the air in the room is completely replaced in an hour. It influences the rate of air circulation.

Air Exchange Rate Calculator

Calculate Required Airflow for Desired Air Exchange Rate 😎

Welcome to the Air Exchange Rate Calculator! This tool helps you determine the necessary airflow (in CFM) to achieve a desired air exchange rate per hour. By understanding the relationship between room volume and air exchange, you can optimize ventilation and indoor air quality.

To use the calculator:

  1. Enter the total room volume in cubic feet. This is the entire space within the room.
  2. Specify your desired air exchange rate per hour. This represents how many times the air in the room should be fully replaced within an hour.
  3. The required airflow (in CFM) will be automatically displayed based on the entered values.

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Use this calculator to make informed decisions about air circulation in your spaces.

Air Exchange Rate Recommendations

Air Exchange Rate Recommendations for Different Types of Facilities

  • Retail Stores: 6-8 ACH
  • Restaurants: 8-10 ACH
  • Grocery Stores: 10-12 ACH
  • Gyms/Fitness Centers: 12-15 ACH
  • Entertainment Venues (Cinemas, Theaters): 6-8 ACH
  • Banks and Financial Institutions: 4-6 ACH
  • Clothing Boutiques: 4-6 ACH
  • Chemical Stores: 12-15 ACH
  • Warehouses (General): 4-6 ACH
  • Warehouses with Strong Odors: Adjust based on odor severity
  • Cold Storage Warehouses: 8-10 ACH
  • Chemical Manufacturing Facilities: 15-20 ACH
  • Distribution Centers: 6-8 ACH