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Our BIM Services

At Excel Air Electromechanical WLL, we specialize in delivering a wide range of BIM solutions, including 3D, 4D, 5D, and 7D COBie, in strict accordance with ISO 19650 standards. With our expertise in BIM technology and commitment to excellence, we empower construction projects with advanced visualization, data integration, cost management, and facility management capabilities.


Our skilled team of BIM specialists creates accurate and detailed 3D models that digitally represent your building or infrastructure project. By visualizing the project in three dimensions, stakeholders gain a comprehensive understanding of the design, facilitating effective communication, coordination, and decision-making.


Building upon 3D models, our 4D BIM services integrate time-related information, enabling the creation of construction sequencing and project schedules. By simulating the construction process over time, you can visualize the project's progress, identify potential clashes or delays, and optimize resource allocation, resulting in improved project planning and execution.


Our 5D BIM services extend beyond geometry and time to incorporate cost-related information. By associating cost data with BIM elements, we provide accurate quantity takeoffs, cost estimates, and cost tracking throughout the project lifecycle. This integration of cost information enables effective cost management, budget control, and informed decision-making.

7D COBie

In compliance with ISO 19650, we offer 7D COBie services, which augment the BIM model with comprehensive facility management data. COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) is a structured data format that facilitates the efficient handover of asset information to the facility management team. By delivering detailed asset information, maintenance schedules, and equipment data in a standardized format, we empower efficient facility management and maintenance activities.

At Excel Air Electromechanical WLL, we are committed to adhering to ISO 19650 standards throughout our BIM services. Our team of experienced BIM professionals utilizes industry-leading software and tools to ensure accurate modeling, seamless data integration, and effective collaboration among project stakeholders.

Whether you require 3D visualization, 4D construction sequencing, 5D cost management, or 7D COBie integration, our BIM services are tailored to meet your specific project requirements. We prioritize data integrity, interoperability, and the seamless exchange of information, enabling you to achieve enhanced project outcomes and optimized facility management.

Partner with Excel Air Electromechanical WLL for your BIM needs, and experience the benefits of advanced BIM technology and ISO 19650 compliance. Explore our website to learn more about our comprehensive BIM services and the successful projects we have delivered. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, request a consultation, or obtain a personalized quote. Trust Excel Air Electromechanical WLL to be your trusted partner in delivering BIM projects that drive collaboration, efficiency, and excellence.