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HVAC Trading & Contracting Services in Qatar

Welcome to Excelair Electromechanical W.L.L

HVAC Trading and Contracting Company in Qatar

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Our Brands

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ExcelAir is a noticeable HVAC contractor and material supplier dedicated to offering excellent services and products to a diverse customer base.

🔥HVAC Service Provider

As Qatar's leading HVAC contractor, we specialize in offering reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions for all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning demands..

💻HVAC Technical Assistance

With competence, we provide complete HVAC technical assistance in Qatar, quickly addressing faults and maximizing system performance..

🏠HVAC Maintenance

Providing outstanding maintenance and repair services in Qatar for optimal efficiency, durability, and maximum convenience for buildings..

📐🔍Building Information Module

In Qatar, we were among the first to create improved building information modules for HVAC systems, revolutionizing efficiency, control, and sustainability.

📊🎛️Testing and commissioning of HVAC systems

HVAC testing and commissioning services in Qatar that guarantee greatest system performance and compliance.

🌐📋Civil Defence Coordinator

Providing appropriate HVAC systems for Qatar's civil defense, as well as harmonizing comfort and safety with expertise.

We accomplished over 2000 contracts with a success assessing of 98%. 📈

Serving 200+ clients across various industries. Our team's dedication to innovative solutions 💡, customized approaches 🎯, and exceptional quality 🏆 has led to long-term partnerships and high client satisfaction 😊. Discover how we can help you achieve your business goals by exploring our successful projects.

Our Clients

We provide HVAC Services to ensure your comfort all year round

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